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abingdon Town

We made our first visit to the Isles of Scilly in 1995 and discovered that even before we had landed we had fallen in love with them. They are incredibly beautiful and full of flowers, even in the winter. But many places are beautiful. Scilly is laid back and people are very kind as in many other places, but the islands are also safe. There are not many places in the world which are beautiful, friendly and safe. I will often wander out, before going to bed, to the quay to see the moon reflected on the water and to look up at the soft glow of the table lamp in our living room, and feel completely safe.

We discovered on our first visit that the flat we were renting was in a fabulous location on Town Beach. A few years later we were able to buy The Crow’s Nest next door. Even though we can’t be there as much as we like we love the fact that other people enjoy it, many coming year after year and think of it as ‘their home’ too.

We live in Abingdon on Thames in Oxfordshire and have been welcoming people from all over the world for the past twelve years. Some people are scientists or academics and will come several times a year preferring to come to their own familiar ‘home’ rather than stay in a hotel room. Many people from afar away as New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Canada and USA have also been several times each, using Abingdon on Thames as a base to visit Britain and Europe. With two world class cities on our doorstep, Oxford and London, sometimes we feel we are the centre of the world! We love helping people with their itineraries and have made many lifelong friends.

Contact us for our list of ‘100 days out from Abingdon’ to learn exactly what you can do and see from here.

We look forward to meeting you.


Stella and Howard Carter